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UAE Freezone

UAE Free Zones give investors and business owners the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional advantages of a UAE hub conducting business across the rest of the world

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UAE Offshore

An offshore company is registered, established or incorporated outside the owners' country of residence. Its flexible status attracts many benefits for the business and its owners.

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Offshore Banking

Operated outside one's country of residence, offshore accounts are increasingly popular due to their flexibility, convenience and wide-ranging, valuable benefits.

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Real Estate

The UAE is a global jewel of creativity and sophistication, offering the ultimate opportunities for discerning property investors from across the world.

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Your smoother, simpler, seamless route to UAE success

Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), DubaiConsult is a respected provider of outstanding investment, finance, corporate and legal services.

We are specialists in the incorporation, administration and management of offshore and onshore companies in the UAE.


Our clients know that working with us means a safe, secure and professional outcome. As respected professionals, we have years of experience in international business and company law, legal solutions and property investment. We know how to avoid the pitfalls and bring your project to a successful conclusion.


A major new project can seem like a mountain to climb. But with the right partners by your side, it's so much easier. We lighten your load, handling all the procedures and deadlines, so you can rest assured that your journey is in the safest professional hands.


Part of the esteemed Dotcom Ventures FZE Group, demanding projects and outstanding solutions are our lifeblood. No matter what your UAE business or property project demands, your DubaiConsult partners ensure that everything you need falls precisely into place.

Freezone Company

Your expert ally in Free Zone enterprise

If you plan to establish a UAE Free Zone company, DubaiConsult provides all the essential infrastructure and approvals and making sure the process is smooth, speedy and efficient. We are your experienced professional partners, able to help with everything you might need from business licenses, visas, accommodation and personnel to commercial space, industrial plots, warehouses, building permits and much more. We keep constantly updated on all latest regulations and requirements and make sure that you enjoy every possible advantage of your Free Zone enterprise.

UAE Free Zones: take your business to a whole new level

The UAE offers a particularly attractive business environment. Flourishing economies, political stability, unique tax advantages, world-leading infrastructure, exceptional expertise and services put the UAE at the leading edge of global business growth. In addition, UAE Free Zones deliver outstanding opportunities that every serious investor and business owner should consider.

The UAE is home to around 40 Free Zones, many of which are located in and around Dubai. Given their success, new Free Zones are expected in the coming months and years. Free Zones bring a host of benefits for investors and business owners, including:

  • 100% income and corporate tax exemption
  • 100% free transfer of funds
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation
  • 100% exemption of import and export duties
  • easy access to international bank funding
  • fast, straightforward company formation

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs)

Double taxation agreements relieve individuals and corporations from the requirement to pay tax on a given item in two different jurisdictions during the same time period. The agreements specify which of the two states involved should levy tax in a given instance. DTAAs exist between the following nation states:

Albania Algeria Andorra Angola
Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Austria
Azerbaijan Bangladesh Barbados Belarus
Belgium Benin Bermuda Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burundi Cameroon
Canada China Colombia Comoro Islands
Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Ecuador Egypt Equatorial Guinea Estonia
Ethiopia Fiji Finland France
Gambia Georgia Germany Greece
Latvia Lebanon Libya Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Magnolia
Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta
Mauritania Mauritius Moldova Montenegro
Morocco Mozambique New Zealand Nigeria
Pakistan Palestine Panama Paraguay
Philippine Poland Portugal Romania
Russia Rwanda SERBIA Saint Kitts and Nevis
Senegal Seychelles Singapore Slovak
Slovenia South Africa Spain Sudan
Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Thailand
Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Uganda
Ukraine United Kingdom of Great Britain United Mexican States Uruguay
Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam Yemen

UAE Free Zone advantages

Fiscal benefits

  • 100% income and corporate tax exemptions
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation
  • A thriving and fully convertible currency
  • Low inflation
  • Easy funding from international banks

Regulatory benefits

  • 100% ownership
  • No trade barriers or quotas
  • Simple licensing systems
  • Straightforward import and export policies
  • Enlightened labour laws
  • Unrestricted hire of expatriates

Additional benefits

  • Visit and residency visas available
  • Attractive savings in time and costs
  • Advanced road, drainage and sewage infrastructure
  • Reliable and competitively priced utilities
  • Excellent communications and immediate phone and broadband connections.
  • Three months from property lease contract to breaking ground (12-18 months elsewhere)
  • Superb access to project finance from local and international banks
  • A hub for all Gulf and global markets.
  • Affordable and luxurious hotels, sports and leisure facilities

What does a UAE Free Zone company look like?

  • must have physical offices in the UAE
  • is entitled to obtain a UAE residency Visa
  • can have both UAE residents or non-UAE residents as its directors or shareholders
  • may, with prior permission own real estate in the UAE
  • may not carry out unlicensed banking or insurance business
  • may operate its bank accounts in the UAE
  • is not required to maintain its books and records
  • may hold shares in other companies worldwide
  • may own UAE-registered yachts.

LLC Company

UAE LLCs – made simple

With knowledge, insight and professional experience, DubaiConsult specialists deliver the high quality information, support and services you need to establish your limited liability company (LLC) in the UAE. We can provide a wide range of services including:

  • sourcing an appropriate local sponsor
  • identifying suitable office premises
  • managing all necessary approvals and incorporation procedures
  • assistance with arranging bank accounts
  • all documentation and administration
  • help in acquiring residency visas via the LLC

UAE limited liability company status: the benefits

The limited liability company or LLC is the most popular means of creating a commercial company in the UAE, and for good reason. The package of benefits in the UAE’s secure and fast-growing economies are highly attractive to the astute business owner:

  • 100% tax free
  • 100% repatriation of profits and investments
  • 49% ownership, and majority profit sharing arrangement
  • easy and flexible access to bank accounts
  • multi-currency banking
  • limitless eligibility to hold offices or properties
  • excellent office and warehouse facilities
  • company-linked UAE residency visas
  • eligible to enter with any contracts in UAE

Legal information

An LLC must have between two and 50 members and a minimum capital of Dh300,000. Management of the LLC is vested in up to five individual ‘managers’ who may or may not be UAE nationals. The establishment of limited liability companies is regulated by articles 218 to 255 of the Commercial Companies Law (CCL).

Under CCL, foreign investors are permitted to hold up to 49% equity ownership in UAE companies: 51% of the equity must be held at all times by one or more UAE nationals.

Businesses involving banking, insurance or investment activities conducted on behalf of third parties may not be incorporated and should seek public joint stock company status.

Offshore Company

Ultimate Offshore Solutions

If you’re considering or planning an offshore company, DubaiConsult can help you every step of the way. With a team of professionals highly experienced across all aspects of UAE business formation, we will ensure that you have the information, support and assistance you need to establish, equip and service your offshore company quickly and efficiently.

We can provide a complete package, including:

  • assistance with documentation, licences and administration
  • help with opening bank accounts
  • virtual office solutions

Why choose offshore?

An offshore (or ‘non-resident’) company is one that is incorporated outside the jurisdiction in which it conducts its primary operations. Although an offshore company may not trade substantially within the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated, its offshore company status attracts many valuable benefits and freedoms, such as:

  • exemption from all corporate and income taxes
  • no restrictions on foreign currency
  • complete repatriation of profits and capital
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted.

The offshore company is a valuable international tax planning tool that suits many business formats. It is a popular choice for diverse operations including general trade, consulting and advisory services, holding companies, property and investment companies, international services and shipping. However no matter what format or sector, precise and professional advice is essential to comply with all necessary regulations and requirements and deliver the best possible advantages.

UAE: the offshore jurisdiction of choice

There are numerous offshore jurisdictions, and the right one for you and your project will depend on many factors. However, the UAE offers exceptional advantages as an offshore jurisdiction. Unlike many others, the UAE is not ‘blacklisted’ by the OECD or FATF, nor is it simply a ‘tax haven’: it is a nation in its own right with a burgeoning economy and a fine history of progress in international business and finance. With its stable economic and political character, rapid growth and exceptional living standards, the UAE is becoming the envy of the world. DubaiConsult is only too happy to discuss your aspirations, plans and ideas to help you make the right business decision for you.

Offshore Bank Account

Simply Outstanding Banking

Detailed knowledge and strategic insight are essential in offshore banking. DubaiConsult’s expert financial team works with you to identify and action the ideal offshore banking arrangements for you and your organisation.

UAE Offshore Banking: A World Of Benefits

In simple terms, offshore banking can be defined as running one or more bank accounts outside the country in which you live. There may be many reasons why offshore accounts would prove beneficial, for example you may wish to save tax, or obtain a multi-currency loan. In addition, UAE offshore accounts deliver particular advantages.

  • UAE offshore banking is increasingly secure, reliable and stable.
  • It is very quick and easy to open an offshore bank account in the UAE, taking only about one week after your company is incorporated.
  • UAE offshore banking clients can normally track all their worldwide transactions online.
  • Offshore banking in Dubai allows flexibility with no restrictions over funds transfer

Why UAE?

Flexible transactions and easy management of worldwide financial commitments are driving a rapid rise in the importance and popularity of UAE offshore banking. New and exciting initiatives are implemented regularly. One such example is Dubai’s introduction of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) which allows free trade in the emirate. It is anticipated that this will fuel still greater growth.

Easy access to world banking facilities

UAE banks are experts in international bank transfers. Dubai in particular has recently overseen a highly profitable outflow of money. While some UAE-based banking clients now export a significant chunk of their income to their homeland, many others use these bank accounts to escape weighty taxation in their own country.

All Dubai’s banking activities are currently under UAE Central Bank regulation. Although this imposes limitations on foreign banks, there are, crucially, no restrictions on depositing or moving foreign currency denominations to and from the emirate: indeed, you are free to transfer money to and from any corner of the world in any currency you wish.

Knowledge pays!

Most of the people find it easier to transfer money to their offshore banks from their very own bank, but care is warranted here as exchange rates and commission fees can be punishing: make sure you are clear about the total cost of the service. At DubaiConsult we have our clients’ individual needs and wellbeing at heart and we make sure that you get the best deals for your particular circumstances.

Our UAE offshore banking expertise extends well beyond arranging the best bank accounts for you. We also offer the following specialisms:

  • Asset Protection
  • Private Bank Accounts
  • Wealth Management
  • Request Information
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Asset Management
  • Account Management
  • Personal Financial Strategy
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Company Formation

Company accounts vs private accounts: a key issue

It's important to note that any private accounts in your own name must be declared in your tax return. Some private account holders 'forget' to declare their privately held foreign accounts but this clearly constitutes tax evasion which may bring serious legal consequences. However by definition, an offshore company has a zero tax liability. Therefore it is perfectly legal to file the company as the account holder. In this case, even though control over the account rests with you, you can honestly state you own no overseas accounts and no tax will be payable in relation to those accounts.


Guiding The Way To Your Grand Designs

DubaiConsult assists clients with all their property requirements. Close partnerships with both RERA certified and Ejari registered agencies allow us to deliver superb real estate brokerage that meets the high standards demanded by this exclusive sector. We consistently apply international standards of transparency and due diligence in buying, selling and leasing high-end properties in both the residential and commercial marketplaces.

Dubai - One Of The World’s Finest Investment Destinations

Since the discovery of rich oil resources in the late 20th century, Dubai has flourished and diversified in a thousand ways. Today it presides as a global power-house and a central business hub for Asia and Europe. A remarkable haven for investors, Dubai offers tax-free incentives, a stable, growing economy, a continuous supply and demand cycle, world-class infrastructure and all the luxury and sophistication you could wish for!

Dubai’s successful bid to host the World Expo 2020 further fuels its promise of superb property investment returns over the coming years. As the emirate prepares to be the prestigious global focus for this huge and historic event, the positive effects are already impacting. The vast international exhibition will continue to attract a wealth of economic, employment, infrastructure and cultural benefits which will continue long after the 2020 event is over. When it comes to luxury property, Dubai is without question the place to be!

Interested in acquiring luxury property in Dubai?

As a leading real estate player, the emirate offers a fabulous range of villas, apartments, townhouses and holiday homes for the private buyer and prime property investment opportunities. DubaiConsult’s real estate specialists are ideally placed to give you the ultimate in guidance, service, support – and the perfect property for you.

Corporate Branding

Branding Brilliance

Your brand is fundamentally important to the development of your business. It's is not just about a logo, a strapline or identity. Your brand is your promise to your customers – the look, feel, aspirations and advantages of your goods and services and the unique reason why your customers choose you.

That makes outstanding brand design a vital foundation of every professional and profitable business. DubaiConsult's skilled graphic design team creates unique branding solutions for any business at any stage of its development, from start-ups to sub-brands, and subtle developments to a total refresh. We deliver branding graphics and tools that shine.

  • Branding
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Guidelines

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